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Compagnie ARCOSM (France)
  Started in 2001 in Lyon/France, Compagnie ARCOSM is co-directed by Thomas Guerry, a dancer and choreographer, and Camille Rocailleux, a percussionist, pianist and composer.         
                                                                             The company's main objective is to build bridges and passageways between different artistic disciplines and languages.  At the heart of this artistic approach lie multiple combinations of music, dance, the human voice, rhythm, melody, timbre and texture: all intimately linked to the musical scope and providing color, shape and theatricality to the  performers.

  They are required to make use of their personal skills and competences but also explore other less-familiar areas of artistic expression.  This experimentation then breeds new dynamics, whereby highly-mastered gestures are combined with a "precious fragility" which brings sensitive and emotional breaks that are indispensable to the company's artistic goals...

  When curiosity stirs artistic expressions, it can tie them together no matter their distance.  As both directors say: we do not intend to merge all recognized rules, we propose a course without a destination, strategies and new directions, we built routes besides the roads to widen perspectives.  Disarticulated, fiery, daring, serious and funny, the Company's performances are a reflection of our lives, sometimes chaotic, sometimes revolted or euphoric, but always of the utmost sensitivity.

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"It's hard to conceive of anyone - of any age - not loving ECHOA". The Scotsman (Edinburgh, June 2009)

"..a joyful piece, full of echoes - in which each minute brings us a new experience." Le Monde

Coming across like a bizarre fusion of Stomp
and the Three Stooges, their first 65 mns long 4-performer work entitled ECHOA, is visually and orally astounding! Performed more than 500 times since 2001 all over the world including in most of Europe, Brazil, Asia, Australia and on three separate US tours, from Vermont to twice in Los Angeles via Ohio and Tennessee,  ARCOSM is now hoping to continue developing its American touring history in North America during the 15/16 season and beyond.
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