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“(Dossavi’s) mastery of subtlety and nuance stood out in the debut of her company at RedCat…mesmerizing.”     Los Angeles Times
“A woman who dances…the slightly Hitchcockian heroine of a Felliniesque film.”    Danser Magazine (France)
"CPBC has perfectly captured the untethered yearning of the fado...and channeled it into the explosive vigor of the dancers, among the best seen in New York this year, who roused the audience to its feet.”   The New York Times 

“Merlin Nyakam is unstoppable…You can almost see the sparks flying from (his) imagination. Megavolts of power,…utterly baffling.”      
The Guardian (UK)
International artists from around the world, at the crossroads of tradition and innovation!
"...high energy dancing made even more electric by the push of youthful ambition."    The New York Times

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"Infectious, inventive and utterly unique,...ECHOA blurs the line between music and movement."...Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera 
(What The Day Owes To The Night) "A creation of poetic beauty...If he (Koubi) can make worlds as largely as absorbing as the one he conjures here, he is an important addition to dance".

Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times, February 2, 2018).
Bernard Schmidt Productions, Inc. 

“They raise the bar, and then they jump over it”. The New York Times 

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