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AWA GUINEAN DRUMS (Guinea, W. Africa)
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Aboubacar Fatouabou Camara, Grand Master of the Guinean coast’s percussions (Soussou tribe), a founding member of the “Ensemble National des Percussions de Guinée” and a former soloist in the National Djoliba Ballet, together with François Kokelaere, developed their artistic collaboration by starting WOFA! which sparkled the stages of four continents till 2003. Sixteen years of an un-comparable artistic and human advemture of epic dimension! 
1987 saw the birth of “ l’Ensemble National des Percussions de Guinée,”  a shooting star in the firmament of the constellations of the African percussion instrument: they became a legend, stemming from the meeting between seven drummers of Guinea’s National Ballet and French artistic producer François Kokelaere.  
A few years later, Fatouabou’s children, all of them musicians, gathering around the elder son, Daniel nicknamed "Dani" and one of the youngest and most talented drummers of his generation - decided to continue the adventure, framed by their elders. AWA Guinean Drums was "born" with
seven amazing percussionists and acrobats. 

Following the trail of the amazing Guinean percussion legend, forever recorded in the permanent movement of History, AWA is a contemporary reading of a secular tradition.

For the 16/17 seasonAWA will be available for performances and a large variety of educational activities during Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.
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